There are many different ways to make guangdong style steamed chicken, and it is never difficult to make one.The most important is to use a free range “yellow oil” chicken, they can be purchased in most of the chinese grocery store.  Simply stuff green onions and ginger slices into the chicken, then on the outside rub sea salt all over the chicken, steam at high heat until it boils and turn down to medium heat to steam for about 30 minutes, turn off the heat and keep the chicken in the steam rack for about 10 more minutes. guangdong style steamed chicken should be firm in texture when it’s served, therefore it is important to chill the chicken before chopping into pieces after it is steamed, and for the best chill firm result, storing in the fridge for a few hours is recommended.

Guangdong style steamed chicken often pairs with a green onion ginger dip.  This dip is simply made out of chopped green onions, minced ginger and cooked oil with a little bit of sea salt. first prepare the ingredients, then pour cooked oil over them.  Amount of oil use depends on the ingredients, but the purpose of pouring cooked oil is to eliminate the grass taste from the green onions.

p.s. Steam time always depends on the size of the chicken, the safest bet to check is to always use a meat thermometer.