[cooking] Japanese matcha truffles

Many people often find truffles are just too expensive, but actually you can make your own in just a few simple steps.

This is a Japanese inspired method of truffles making, instead of the round ball shape, this comes in small squares. I find that this method is less messy and much easier to make.

This actually makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

What you need:

– 250g white chocolate

– 10g unsalted butter

– 125ml whipping cream

– 2 tbsp or more matcha powder

what to do:

1. Slightly heat up the whipping cream but avoid to boil and turn off the heat

2. Chop white chocolate into small pieces, the smaller it is the easier to melt and add butter

3. Pour the heated whipping cream into the white chocolate and butter and mix until melt. If you want to speed up the process, place the container on stove top that is still hot with the remaining heat and mix. But be sure to use a stainless steel container!

4. When white chocolate mixture is completely melted, sift and add 1 tbsp matcha powder, mix well

5. Line parchment paper in a square box and pour all the mixture in and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Once the chocolate is hard and shaped, cut into squares and dust with matcha powder.

p.s. Whipping cream can be easily heated up or even boil, so if you over boil the whipping cream may evaporate and reduce the portion, in that case you may need to heat up some more whipping cream to add to the white chocolate.