[cooking] French Toast in Hong Kong style

This is one of the most popular HK style afternoon tea items apart from the pineapple bun with butter, and definitely this is a lot easier to make on your own.

First you will need a piece of thick sandwich bread, preferably purchase the ones from asian bakery for softer texture. then sandwich it with your favourite filling like peanut butter, green tea milk spread or kaya (coconut jam).  The next step is the most critical, to make a good french toast you need to ensure all sides of the sandwich is coated with beaten egg, the best is to use a flat stainless steel tray for marinating use to allow the sandwich lies completely flat on the bath of beaten egg.

Heat up a pan, add oil and fry all sides.

Top with a slice of butter with your favourite natural syrup.  I always go for maple syrup but agave syrup or honey are other delicious options.

p.s. choose omega plus eggs/free run eggs for more golden yellow result.