[cooking] Secrets to a yummy Japanese curry rice


Japanese curry rice is probably one of the easiest dish to make for a simple dinner, but to make a good and yummy japanese curry rice dish, there are two secrets to it.

Or three.

First i never really like to follow their instructions, because whenever i follow instructions strictly, it fails. (haha)

Second is tomatoes and third is chicken stock.

I took a Chinese cooking approach to start this, first on one side of the stove, i boil the chicken stock, at the same time i heat up the sliced onions and chopped carrots a bit, add mirin and curry block while it simmers. as soon as the chicken stock brings to a boil, i pour it right into the simmering veggies and curry to heat up and enhance the fragrance and taste of the curry, then i switch it to medium heat and add the cut-half tomatoes (with the skin facing up) and turn it down to low heat, close the lid and let it steam for about ten minutes.

When the tomatoes skin peels off from the steam, remove it with tongs or chopstick so that the tomatoes can completely cooked with the curry and also avoid the too chewable tomato skin in the curry sauce.

Please note that avoid adding too much tomatoes, because when tomatoes are cooked together with its seeds, it becomes watery and same as onions too!  They will both bring too much moisture to the curry, therefore always add by little.

As for reference I usually use half tomato and half can of chicken stock for one block of japanese curry. however I must stress that I hate to follow instructions and portions strictly, because there are so many factors that can affect the taste, like size and weight of the ingredients, no carrots or onions weigh the same!

So the trick is always add little by little, and judge by tasting!

After this simple Japanese curry sauce is made, you can then add the Asian thinly sliced hotpot beef or pork to cook and bring to a boil for a simple delicious Japanese curry dish!


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