[cooking] Hand-shredded chicken in sesame soy sauce


This is actually one of the easiest Chinese dish that you can serve at dinner, or simply make an Asian infused salad, or mix with cold noodles, or even make a sandwich.

The cooking method is similar to the steam chicken that I previously shared, but hand-shredding or pulling should be easier than chopping the whole chicken!

you need:

– 1 free run chicken

– 1 tsp sea salt

– 1 tbsp sesame oil

– 1 tbsp sweet soy sauce

– 1 tsp low sodium soy sauce

– pinch of sugar and white pepper powder

– 1/2 tbsp white sesame

you will:

1. rub the whole chicken with sea salt for seasoning (you don’t have to stuff ginger and green onion this time)

2. steam the chicken at high heat until it boils and turn down to medium heat for 30 minutes, switch off the heat and let it set for another 5 minutes (again, cooking time depends on the size of the chicken, so use a thermometer for safety measures)

3. cool the chicken down and store in the fridge for about 2 hours for more refreshing and crisp texture. then you take it out and start hand-shredding it!

4. prepare your dressing with sesame oil, sweet soy sauce, low sodium soy sauce, sugar and white pepper powder, all mix together. toast white sesame on a pan and sprinkle on top of the hand-shredded chicken, pour and mix the dressing!

making hand-shredded chicken with a whole chicken instead of just thighs or breasts offers you a mixed level of texture, and the other benefit of hand-shredded chicken is that you can shred or pull away the unwanted fat and chicken skin while preparing your dish!

p.s. white pepper powder is one of the most popularly used seasoning in Asian cooking, you can purchase it at any Asian supermarket!



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