[cooking] Homemade sesame paste

White sesame seeds are used in many asian food to garnish or to enhance flavour of the dish, or make your own sesame dressing.  To make your own sesame paste is actually easier than buying from the grocery store.

Other than toasted sesame seeds, you will need a food processor or a magic bullet or a hand grinder to make sesame paste.  I prefer hand grinding my own sesame paste, that way i have the freedom to control how coarse or fine my sesame paste is, and i actually like coarse sesame paste for my salad dressing or dip sauce for a more textured taste.

What you need:

– toasted white sesame seeds

What you do:

– toast the white sesame seeds on a dry pan (with no oil) at medium heat for about 2-3 mins or on a aluminum foil in the oven at medium heat. the purpose is to get the aroma of the sesame seeds and often they get burnt very easily, so as soon as you smell the aroma turn off the heat.

– then pour the white sesame seeds into a food processor or hand grinder to process for your desired texture.

p.s. some calls this the method of making sesame powder, but i find that the texture after grinding is rather moist, so i called it sesame paste instead.

You will actually need to add glutinous rice flour to get the sesame powder more flaky.


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