[cooking] Home style korean beef rib stew (galbijjim)


Galbijjim or korean beef rib stew is actually one of the expensive items on the menu at any korean restaurant, or even when you shop at korean supermarket, they are always over $25 per kg.

But who says you can only buy korean beef rib at korean supermarket?

You can always shop any grocery store that sells beef rib at the butcher section, buy a rack of beef rib and ask the butcher to slice them in the korean way, that means, thickly sliced with each about 2 inches thick. then you can chop them into smaller pieces before cooking, and there goes the korean style beef rib.

What you need:

– about 2lb beef rib

– 3 long carrots

– 200g sweet onion

– 2 cloves of garlic

– 150g tomatoes

– 1 tbsp mirin

– 1/2 cup no msg korean bbq sauce

What you do:

1. soak the beef ribs into cold water for about an hour to remove excess blood, this is a korean way of “cleaning” the bones and meat, while chinese would quick boil them in boiling water.

2. chop up all the vegetables in chunks, and heat the cast iron pot (i used a 22cm french oven from le creuset) in medium heat

3. sizzle the veggies, add mirin and keep it medium heat to avoid burning. no oil is needed because the beef rib secretes a lot of oil!

4. add beef ribs and korean bbq sauce, then add the tomatoes and switch to lower heat and cover it.

5. about half hour later, remove the soften tomato skin and continue to stew for about another 2.5 hours before serve. add some green onions for a hint of green!

you do not need to add any seasoning, soy sauce, salt or any flavour, and no water or beef stock too! slow cooking onions and tomatoes create moisture, and with minimal seasoning, this dish offers you the most genuine taste of beef and vegetables.

p.s. to prevent making the stew into a soup, avoid adding too much onions and tomatoes!