[cooking] Scrambled eggs in fresh tomatoes sauce


A few of my non Chinese friends thought sweet and sour pork, general tso chicken or deep fried chicken wings are our daily food, so i have decided to share this very ordinary, traditional and healthy Chinese home dish with everyone.

As simple as you can see it’s scrambled eggs in tomatoes sauce, but in Cantonese we call it “tomatoes fried eggs”.  Asian types of tomatoes sauce is very different than Italian pasta sauce, it’s rather sweet and sour.

My daughter is not exactly a fan of meat and egg yolk, so this dish is a pretty good supplement for her protein and omega 3, and apparently this is one of her favourite dish, too.

what you need:

– 2 vine tomatoes
– 4 large eggs
– 1 green onions, chopped
– 1.5 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
– 2 tbsp ketchup
– some fish sauce
– 1 tsp sugar

what you do:

1. cut tomatoes in quarters, remove seeds in one of the tomatoes and keep the other one with seeds (too much tomato seeds may release too much moisture while cooking)

2. scrambled the eggs and add a little bit fish sauce, then heat the wok and pour oil in, for nice scrambled eggs you will need quite some oil! ensure the wok and oil is hot enough before you pour the eggs into it!

3. when the eggs are about medium well cooked (if you can still see some egg flowing inside) then remove from the heat and place it aside on the plate

4. if you had good amount of oil and heat to fry your eggs, your wok should be fairly clean.

5. roughly wipe your wok with a paper towel than place it back to the stove and heat again with oil, sizzle with the green onions and tomatoes

6. as soon as you see the tomato seeds melting, add ketchup and soysauce and sugar, and quickly stir fry til it boils, then pour it over the eggs.

p.s. cooked tomatoes tend to release more moisture as it rests.  I would remove the tomatoes skin before I serve for better presentation and taste.