[cooking] Stew vegetarian spring roll in bean curd

Most chinese or asian spring rolls are wrapped with egg wraps and deep fried, but you can also use bean curd sheets too.

You can find frozen fresh bean curd and dried bean curd sheets at the chinese supermarket, both can be used as wraps, but this time i tried with the dried ones.

First you need to defrost the frozen bean curd sheets, and then you can easily cut them into smaller triangles from the big circle sheet.

Fillings can be flexible too, i chose three types of veggies this time – zucchini, king oyster mushroom and carrots, all julienned.  Any types of veggies can be used but just one thing to bear in mind, to ensure the spring roll can be securely wrapped, avoid soft veggies moisture like eggplants or taro.

You can also check out the simple panfried version.

what you need:

– 1 defrosted bean curd sheet
– julienned zucchini
– julienned king oyster mushroom
– julienned carrot
– 1 tbsp oyster sauce
– 1 tsp sugar
– 1 tsp cooking wine
– 1 tsp of water

what you do:

1. cut bean curd sheet into pieces, about size of your palm
2. julienned all veggies, and begin wrapping with smaller portion then add more fillings if the wrap still fits (wrap with only one piece of bean curd sheet for thinner/crispier texture)
3. use high heat to heat up the pan, use about 1 tbsp oil to pan fry the spring rolls. using zucchini and mushroom can create moisture if they are cooked in lower heat, so make sure the pan is hot enough.
4. after all spring rolls have landed on the pan, add some cooking wine while it’s at high heat frying, then turn it down to medium heat and rotate the spring rolls to fry on all sides until golden brown.
5. mix oyster sauce, water, sugar together and pour it into the spring rolls in the pan to simmer, turn the heat down, and when the sauce thickens as it heats up with the help of sugar, turn the heat off and serve.

p.s. there are many possible ingredients for the fillings, and this is my first time trying this out, so if anyone has any ideas, please comment!