| Chicken chow mein with choisum |

This is one of the popular dishes to order when you visit a Chinese restaurant, it is actually not very difficult to make on your own, just, you need a lot oil!

What you need:
– 1/2 lb skinless chicken thighs
– a few choisum
– about 200-300g chow mein or egg noodles
– 2/3 cup chicken stock
– 1 tbsp sesame oil
– 1 tbsp corn starch
– 1 tbsp light soy sauce
– 1 tsp sugar for chicken
– 1 tsp sugar for choisum
– 1 tbsp rice wine
– 1 tsp salt
– 1/4 cup vegetable oil
– half tsp fine white pepper powder

What you do:
1. Cut chicken thighs into pieces and marinate with sesame oil, sugar, light soy sauce and fine white pepper powder for about 2-3 hours
2. Heat your wok up and pour 1/8 cup of oil to fry the noodles on each side at medium heat. Try to shape the noodles cording to your plate size and fry on both sides until crispy
3. Move noodles to the plate and stir fry chicken with a bit of oil at medium to high heat, add choisum when chicken is almost 80% cooked, then add rice wine, salt and sugar and turn down heat to medium, stir fry together until choisum becomes soft
4. Meanwhile quickly mix corn starch with chicken stock and pour it in
5. Let it cook for while until it gets thicker, turn off the heat and pour it over the crispy noodles and serve

p.s. If the sauce are getting thicker, gradually add more chicken stock to thin it out, if it’s too thin then let it cook for a bit longer to thicken

| 菜遠雞球炒麵 |


– 半磅去皮雞腿肉
– 幾條菜心
– 約200-300克蛋麵
– 2/3 杯雞湯
– 1湯匙麻油
– 1湯匙粟粉
– 1湯匙低鹽醬油
– 1 茶匙糖(雞腿)
– 1茶匙糖 (菜心)
– 1湯匙米酒
– 1茶匙鹽
– 1/4杯菜油
– 半茶匙胡椒粉

1. 將雞腿肉切小塊然後加入麻油、醬油、糖、胡椒粉醃大約2-3小時
2. 將鑊預熱,加入1/8杯油將蛋麵煎脆,利用鑊鏟將蛋麵塑型,然後再加入剩餘的油將另一面煎脆
3. 小心將煎好的兩面黃移到碟上,然後用少許油煎想雞腿肉,大約至8成熟再加入菜心,贊米酒、鹽和糖,轉中火兜亂
4. 盡快將粟粉跟雞湯混合放入鑊中
5. 當芡汁開始糊就可以淋在兩面黃上

p.s. 如果芡汁太糊,可以逐少再加入雞湯煮稀;相反太稀的話則可以再煮多一會兒。