How do you prepare Kabocha squash dishes in just 30mins?

Kabocha squash or any kinds of squash often require to slow cook or stew for a long time, and not to mention about the peeling! But there is a way to prepare it for you to cook in any way you want within 30 minutes.

Simply chop the squash in four pieces, remove all seeds and place in the steamer and steam for 10 minutes. Steaming would soften the squash and retains its nutrients and taste at the same time. Then cool down for a bit and there you can peel the skin at ease with your pairing knife and chop them into smaller pieces for stews or dessert in just half hour.

In Chinese home cooking, we like to stew/slow cook, or we call it “mun” in Cantonese the spare ribs with squash.

p.s. Avoid over steaming in case the squash gets too mushy when you cook them! And this is really just the part 1 of the Kabocha squash idea, stay tuned for more!







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