Lemongrass sautéed pork rice paper rolls

| Lemongrass sautéed pork rice paper rolls |

Rice paper roll has a similar method of making with spring rolls, however it is much easier to make, and a healthier choice.

you need:
– about 20 rolls of thinly sliced pork that are labelled for hot pot (you can find it from most asian supermarket)
– half tbsp of lemongrass sauce (i used Lee Kum Kee)
– half tsp sugar
– few thinly sliced garlic
– few pieces of lettuce
– about 5 pieces of rice paper (size s)

you will:
1. defrost the pork and marinate with the lemongrass sauce and sugar for a bout a few hours
2. stir fry the pork at medium heat with the garlic slices. you don’t need to use oil because the pork itself it’s fatty enough.
3. wash and pat dry the lettuce and put it aside, soak the rice paper into hot water to soften, then place lettuce and pork to wrap it all together.

The best is to use smaller pieces of lettuce, not any bigger than the size of your palm, just so it is easier to wrap with the size small rice paper.  Using size small rice paper is more ideal for finger food for party and lunch box for pinics.

Feel free to insert more veggies like julienned cucumbers, beansprouts or mint leaves for a more refreshing taste.

If you’re worried about consuming raw beansprouts, you can quickly cook a little bit in hot boiling water than drain in cold water.





1. 先將豬肉解凍然後跟香茅醬、少許糖醃大約幾個小時
2. 不需要用任何油(因為豬肉本身已經有很多肥膏啊!)利用幾片蒜爆香煮熟,然後放涼
3. 最後將生菜洗淨抹乾待用,然後利用熱水將米紙泡軟,然後放上生菜和已經放涼的豬肉再包好,即成!


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