| Romaine lettuce mix salad with cold udon and grapefruit in ponzu dressing |

Chilled or cold noodles are always summer favourites during the hot weather, apart from having a salad as a side to add some veggies to your noodle dish, you can actually mix the cold noodles together with the salad and turn it into an amazing fusion dish.

What you need:
– one portion of romaine lettuce mix (the best is to purchase the prewashed salad mix)
– 1 thick slice of grapefruit
– half pack of udon
– 1 tbsp olive oil
– 2 to 3 tbsp citrus ponzu
– 1 tsp maple syrup
– some nuts
– a dash of salt
– some pepper

What you do:
1. cook your udon, drain it under cold water, chill it
2. cut the thick slice of grapefruit in half, peel it and gently remove the flesh out
3. add romaine mix and udon into a mixing bowl, mix it with olive oil, ponzu and maple syrup
4. add grapefruits and mix together
5. sprinkle toasted nuts, salt and pepper




-個人份量羅馬生菜葉 (最好選用已經洗好的一盒ready to eat羅馬生菜較為方便)

1. 先將烏冬煮好,然後過冷河,冷卻,備用
2. 將那一厚片葡萄柚先切半,然後起皮,再仔細將葡萄柚肉取出,備用
3. 將羅馬生菜葉放在mixing bowl內,加入烏冬,然後橄欖油、柑橘醬油、楓樹糖漿攪拌
4. 加入葡萄柚再拌一拌
5. 然後可以加入任何經過烘培的果仁碎、鹽和胡椒