[making] Braising beef brisket with thick soy sauce glaze in 1 hour


I once heard from a chef that “Baking is science and cooking is art”, there are so many ways of cooking you can try and you will still make a dish out of it, just like a painting!

Most of the time beef briskets are initially chopped up before slow cooking or braising, but you can always keep it in a big piece and cut before serve. Just like the beef brisket in clear broth that I have shared earlier.

This time try to use the thick soy sauce glaze and you can certainly mix it with noodles to serve.

what you need:
– about 500g beef brisket fingers
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 2 medium sized shallot
– 5 stalks of green onions
– 2 tbsp of thick soy sauce glaze
– 1 tbsp of sweet soy sauce
– 3 tbsp of rice wine
– 1 cup of no salt added beef broth
– about 37g rock sugar

what you do:
1. Blanch beef brisket fingers and mash garlic as a whole, cut up shallot and green onions
2. Heat up the pot at medium heat and sizzle the vegetables, add the beef brisket fingers
3. Pour in rice wine, turn down heat to medium low, add thick soy sauce glaze and sweet soy sauce to stir fry and mix a bit
4. Slowly add beef broth and rock sugar in to prevent temperature from dropping, close the lid, turn down to low heat and let it braise for about one hour.

p.s. in Asian supermarket you can find beef briskets in a big piece or prepackaged beef brisket fingers, choose the latter if you would like to make this dish in less time, braising a whole big piece will definitely take much longer time. You can also find the both thicker textured sweet soy sauce and thick soy sauce glaze at most of the Asian supermarket.