HK style steamed egg with chicken broth

| HK style steamed egg with chicken broth |

This is a typical home-style Chinese food that has been an all time favourite in many families. However this is less popular in any Chinese restaurant’s menu and it would be rather easier if you try to make your own.

What you need:
– 3 large eggs (about 150ml)
– 225ml chicken broth
– 1-2 tbsp vegetable oil
– pinch of dried scallops (soak and soften in water first)
– 1 tbsp seafood soy sauce

What you do:
1. Beat the eggs and add chicken broth in and mix well
2. Transfer egg content through a sift to a plate to get rid off the air bubbles and to ensure the smoothness of the steamed egg
3. Steam the plate of eggs in boiling water for two minutes and turn off the heat, keeping the lid close and let it sit in the remaining heat for 20 minutes
4. Heat the oil, then place the dried scallops on top of the surface and pour the heated oil on top
5. Pour seafood soy sauce and serve

p.s. Using chicken broth to steam will enhance the flavour, however you can always use water instead. You can also use plastic food wrap to cover the steam egg before it goes to the steamer to ensure it comes out flawlessly. Please note that you can add more or less eggs, just keep in mind that the eggs and liquid ratio is 1:1.5

| 滑滑雞湯蒸水蛋 |


– 3隻大雞蛋(大約150ml)
– 225 ml 雞湯
– 1-2 茶匙菜油
– 少許已經浸軟乾瑤柱
– 1茶匙蒸魚豉油

1. 打好3隻蛋跟雞湯混合
3. 放上滾水上蒸2分鐘,然後熄火焗20分鐘(切忌打開蓋啊!)
4. 當蛋蒸好後,灑上瑤柱然後淋上滾油和蒸魚豉油

p.s. 利用雞湯蒸蛋可以更加提升蒸蛋原味,不過也可以用水蒸。蒸水蛋前最好用保鮮紙將碟面封好,這樣就可以更確保水蛋滑溜。另外如果需要加多或者減少雞蛋份量,只要根據雞蛋於水分比例為1:1.5就ok啊!

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