Japanese style rolled omelet (dashimaki tamago)

| Japanese style rolled omelet (dashimaki tamago) |

This kind of Japanese omelet can be served hot or cold, it’s also one of the very popular items for the Japanese lunchbox (bento) and for the egg sushi. The most challenging part is to roll the omelet in many thin layers while cooking and keeping in its shape.

Also you will need to purchase the square or rectangular pan to make the dashimaki tamago.

What you need:
– 4 extra large eggs or 5 large eggs
– 15ml of white dashi/dashi
– 15ml of water
– pinch of salt
– 1 tsp of sugar
– sushi bamboo mat
– about 1 tbsp of oil

What you do:
1. Boil the dashi, salt and sugar and let it cool
2. Beat the eggs and mix with step 1
3. Oil the pan at medium high heat, pour half of the egg mixture and let it cook until almost done, then gently roll and fold the eggs from the far end towards yourself
4. When it’s folded to a roll, push it to the end of the pan and pour another layer of egg mixture, continue step 3 until the end
5. Reshape the omelet with a bamboo mat and trim the sides for perfect rectangular shape. Serve hot or chilled.

p.s. This is the kind of recipe that practice makes perfect! To make bright yellow omelet, cook the eggs in medium heat and use white dashi.

| 日式甜蛋 だし巻き卵|



– 4隻特大雞蛋或者5隻大雞蛋
– 15ml 白柴魚汁
– 15ml 水
– 少許鹽
– 1茶匙糖
– 做壽司用竹卷
– 約1湯匙油

1. 將白柴魚汁、鹽、糖煮滾,放涼待用
2. 打好蛋然後跟第一步的混和
3. 燒熱方形平底煎鍋,然後注入一半份量蛋汁,收中慢火,待蛋汁差不多全熟就將甜蛋從最外向自己的方向捲和摺疊
4. 然後將這第一層蛋捲向外推後在注入薄層蛋汁,重複第三步至最後
5. 利用竹卷將煎好的甜蛋卷塑方形,然後修邊再切件

p.s. 可能需要嘗試幾次才能夠做出理想的顏色和形狀啊! 要做到鮮黃色的效果盡量避免高溫或者大火煮蛋汁,這一類日式煎蛋有別於廣東形式的炒蛋啊!

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