Mixed greens with Southwest chicken in wasabi dressing

| Mixed greens with Southwest chicken in wasabi dressing |

This is actually a great quick dinner idea that turns your frozen chicken nugget into something healthy and delicious.

What you need:
– pieces of frozen southwest chicken or any nuggets
– mixed greens
– some craisins
– slices of strawberries
For dressing:
– 1 tsp of wasabi flavoured sauce
– pinch of salt
– some black pepper
– 1 tsp of maple syrup
– 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil
– 1-1.5 tbsp of aged balsamic condiment

What you do:
1. Toast frozen nuggets as instructed from package in the oven
2. Kix the dressing and toss with the greens
3. Place nuggets on top and serve

p.s. If you are using non spicy nuggets you can reduce some of the sweet content like fruit or dried fruit. Mustard is a great dressing ingredient, and adding wasabi will give you a hint of Asian twist! But feel free to substitute with honey mustard (minus the maple syrup to reduce sweetness) or yellow mustard if you wish. Also you can substitute with olive oil for sure but using flaxseed oil will add omega 3 source to your salad.

| 香辣雞胸野菜沙律配日式芥辣醬汁 |


– 冷藏雞胸
– 沙律雜菜
– 少許蔓越梅乾
– 數片士多啤梨
– 1茶匙日式芥辣醬
– 少許鹽
– 少許黑胡椒
– 1茶匙楓樹糖漿
– 1湯匙阿麻籽油

1. 先將冷藏雞胸按照包裝說明於焗爐內翻熱
2. 將醬汁跟雜菜拌好
3. 將雞件放上,即成!

p.s. 如果用普通雞胸的話可以減少乾果或者水果份量。我十分喜歡加入芥辣於醬汁中,除了日式芥辣之外還可以用黃芥辣或者芥辣蜜糖(不過就除去楓樹糖漿)啊!至於油方面亦可以用橄欖油,不過利用阿麻籽油還可以加入omega 3營養。

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