Nostalgic Hong Kong finger food – Bootjaigo (steamed brown sugar pudding with red beans)

|Nostalgic Hong Kong finger food – Bootjaigo (steamed brown sugar pudding with red beans)|

This is the time of the year when you have to prepare pot luck events at work, at friend’s or just some holiday giveaways. Other than traditional sugar cookies or cupcakes, why not some nostalgic Hong Kong snacks?

Bootjaigo has always been my favourite since I was little, I used to visit the wet market a lot with my grandma just for the Bootjaigo. They were made by the hawkers and kept in a porcelain bowl inside a plastic barrel, and the hawkers would use two skewers to scrape it out when someone buys them.

Now you can find Bootjaigo in most of the Chinese bakery and supermarket, just they are now packaged in food wrap.

I’ve taken this recipe as reference and modified into a smaller portion to make only about a dozen mini ones for party finger food.

what you need:
– 50g sweet rice flour/glutinous flour
– 30g wheat starch
– 55g brown sugar
– 1 cup of water
– some cooked red beans
– a mini muffin pan that makes 12

what you do:
1. take 1/4 cup of water mix with sweet rice flour and wheat starch
2. take the rest of the 3/4 cup of water to cook the brown sugar until boil, and partially pour into the flour mixture and stir thoroughly
3. pout mixture into mini muffin pan, and add red beans,
4. steam for about 10-13 minutes
5. after steaming, rest until cool and scrape out the pudding with a toothpick or a short skewer

p.s. using white sugar will make white Bootjaigo, and you can also use large muffin pans to make the original size.

|懷舊街邊砵仔糕 (迷你pot luck之選)|

臨近聖誕新年都會有不少節日慶祝趴或者大大小小的pot luck聚會,除了可以準備傳統聖誕曲奇之外,試試自製迷你懷舊砵仔糕也非常容易!



-50g 粘米粉
-30g 澄麵粉
-55g 黃糖
-1杯 水
-一打份量迷你muffin pan

1. 利用1/4杯水先將粘米粉和澄麵粉攪拌
2. 將其餘3/4杯水煮滾黃糖然後逐少倒進粉類,然後完全攪勻
3. 將攪拌好的粉漿倒入muffin pan內
4. 蒸大約10-13分鐘
5. 放涼後利用竹籤將砵仔糕刮起

p.s. 利用白糖就可以做出白色砵仔糕 ,還有如果沒有白色的小瓷碗可以利用標準muffin pan製作較大的砵仔糕 。

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