Pig feet stew in ginger and sweetened vinegar (ju keuk keung)

| pig feet stew in ginger and sweetened vinegar (ju keuk keung) |

This may not be appealing to many westerners, but this dark sweet vinegar stew in ginger with pig feet is a traditional healing food for the new Mom to recover from childbirth. Ginger is one of the best warm food and vinegar are said to be beneficial to your health in many ways.

This vinegar stew takes a very long time to prepare. In the Chinese tradition parents will prepare by soaking old ginger in the vinegar for month in earthware or clay pots before the child is born, and once the baby arrives will begin making the stew with pork feet.

Although this is meant to be a healing food for new moms in the Chinese tradition, but it is also beneficial to women’s health in general, and here I would like to share how to make a small portion to feed your crave.

What you need:
– 1lbs pork feet pieces
– 600ml Pat Chun sweetened vinegar (that’s the size of one bottle)
– 180g chunks of peeled ginger
– 60ml Pat Chun black rice vinegar sauce
– hard boil eggs

What you do:
1. Pan fry ginger with a bit oil and add to the pot of vinegar and boil for about 2 hrs
2. Shut off the heat and let the vinegar and ginger to sit for about a few hours or one day for stronger flavour (traditionally they can be soaked for weeks to months)
3. Blanch pork feet for about 20 mins and rinse in cold water to wash away the fat
4. Add 60ml of Pat Chun black rice vinegar sauce and reboil the pot of vinegar and add pork feet in and stew at low heat for about 2 hours
5. Make hard boil eggs on the other pot and rinse in cold water, remove the shell and add the egg into the stew 15 mins before serve

p.s. You can definitely make a larger portion, just bear in mind the 10:1 ratio for the sweetened vinegar and black rice vinegar but make sure it has to be cooked in clay or glass pots. Also remember to stew at low heat as the vinegar can be easily overflow, and avoid boiling the egg in the vinegar for too long otherwise egg will become rock hard due to chemical reaction with the vinegar.

Oh, and only purchase the vinegar from Pat Chun, that’s the only trusted brand in the tradition.

This is the big portion recipe from Pat Chun and click to learn more about this Chinese tradition:

| 小份豬腳薑 |


– 約1磅切件豬腳
– 600ml 八珍甜醋 (即1支裝)
– 約180g去皮薑
– 60ml 八珍黑糯米醋
– 烚蛋

1. 先將薑用少許油煎乾,然後放入甜醋內滾大約2小時然後熄火。可以預先準備好這個步驟,讓薑和醋浸幾小時或者一天甚至一星期
2. 豬腳需要出水大約20分鐘然後用冷水沖,備用
3. 加入黑糯米醋於薑醋當中再滾,然後放入豬腳,轉慢火再燜大約2小時
4. 於另一個煲煮熟烚蛋,剝殼然後在上菜前15分鐘放入薑醋內煮

p.s. 份量可以隨時加減,只需要注意甜醋和黑糯米醋的10:1比例即可。還有避免雞蛋變鐵蛋就不要過早放入雞蛋於薑醋內,最理想時間為15分鐘前。煲豬腳薑一定要用瓦煲或者玻璃煲,可以用一個煲做薑醋膽,然後再用另一小瓦煲煮豬腳,這樣就可以更能夠控制份量,而且膽還可以浸泡更長時間。注意經過煮豬腳的醋不能夠放太久啊!



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