|Red braised beef noodle soup in Taiwanese style|

Have you tried making your own Asian noodles yet? Now this is what you can do with the fresh noodles you’ve just made! Red braised beef noodle soup is one of my favourite Taiwanese delicacies, but I just couldn’t find one place that serves a good beef noodle soup here in Toronto, so I’ve decided to try and make my own.

There are still many rooms for improvement in this recipe, but if you are into strong tasted beef noodle soup, please give a try and let me know what you think!

this is a mild version and you can opt for the hot bean sauce or add some chili for a spicy beef noodle soup.

I paired this with my homemade noodles, and check out how it’s made here.

what you need: (makes about 2-3 bowls of beef noodle soup)
– beef brisket about 500g
– anise 4
– white peppercorn 1 tbsp
– sichuan peppercorn 1 tbsp
– black tea leaves 1 tsp
– bay leaves 2
– carrot 180g
– onion 350g
– green onions 3 stalks
– peeled tomato 230g
– smashed garlic cloves 40g
– ginger slices 15g
– shallot 35g
– light soy sauce (sang chau) 1/4cup
– rice wine 1/4cup
– bean sauce (dou ban jiang) 2tbsp
– no salt added beef broth 900ml
– rock sugar 25g
– some baby shanghai bok choy
– green onions and red peppers for garnishing

what you do:
1. Blanch beef brisket. Chop carrots, tomato, green onions and onions in big pieces; smash garlic, ginger and shallot and toast anise, white and sichuan peppercorn and place in a herb bag together with bay leaves and black tea leaves
2. Sizzle all veggies and beef brisket in a cast iron french over at medium high heat, add rice wine and bean sauce to stir fry a bit
3. Add light soy sauce and slowly pour beef broth to maintaining the temperature, then add herb bag and rock sugar
4. Turn down to medium low heat and braise for about 90-120 mins
5. Cook fresh made noodles in boiling water for about 3 mins and baby shanghai bok choy in two separate pot just before serve, then pour beef noodle soup over noodles and veggies in a bowl.

p.s. do not cut/chop beef brisket until serve to avoid beef shrinking from braising, that means braise the whole block of meat!
Beef briskets are quite fatty and that’s why I didn’t add any oil to sizzle or stir fry in this recipe (just avoid using high heat), the meat releases quite some oil as it braise.
Apart from beef briskets, you can also use digital muscles for braising.
If you’re using original beef broth with higher sodium, please reduce the portion of light soy sauce.
Keep the veggies in big pieces to braise will release all the essence to the soup while keeping the soup clear and light.






-紅蔥頭 35g
-無鹽牛肉清湯 900ml

1. 牛腩飛水。將紅蘿蔔、番茄、洋蔥、蔥切開切段,拍扁蒜頭、薑和紅蔥頭;白鑊燒香八角、白胡椒、花椒,然後連同月桂葉和紅茶葉放進香料包內
2. 於鑄鐵鍋中大火白鑊爆香所有蔬菜和牛腩,加入米酒和豆瓣醬炒香
3. 加入生抽然後慢慢倒入牛肉清湯來保持溫度,然後再放入香料包和冰糖
4. 轉中慢火燜煮大約90-120分鐘
5. 將新鮮刀切面於滾水中煮大約3分鐘,另外灼好小棠菜備用,然後將牛肉湯淋上麵條和小棠菜上。

p.s. 最好留待上桌的時候才將牛腩切開,這樣就可以避免在長時間燜煮過程中肉質收縮,就是說將整塊牛腩於牛肉湯中燜煮!