Veggie spring rolls wrapped with beancurd sheet

|Veggie spring rolls wrapped with beancurd sheet|

Chinese spring rolls are great party finger food and appetizer, and it can be made in many different ways like pan fry, steam or braise. Apart from egg wraps and flour wraps, you can also make it with beancurd sheet for a gluten free option.

If you prefer a more moisted beancurd sheet, check out the stew version!
What you need:
– 1 beancurd sheet
– 1 small zucchini
– 5 stalks of celery
– 1 carrot

What to do:
1. Julienne all veggies (remove seeds from zucchini to avoid excess moisture and peel the celery to get rid of fibrous skin)
2. Soak beancurd sheet in cold water to soften and cut into small 5″ pieces (it doesn’t have to be perfect squares)
3. Place ingredients on the beancurd sheet, gently roll forward once and tuck in the two sides and roll to the end
4. Heat the pan using 1-2 tbsp oil and pan fry all sides in medium heat
5. Spring rolls are ready to serve once it turns golden and crisp. Sprinkle salt or dip in sweet soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce)

p.s. Pan fry the openings or fold of the spring roll first to seal the ingredients. Other veggies like beansprouts or mushrooms can also be used, but remember to pan fry in medium heat to avoid ingredients releasing excess moisture. I always include carrot for the sharp colour and crunchy texture. The thinner the beancurd sheet is wrapped the crispier it gets, and more transparent it gets for better presentation, so try not to double up the wrapper if you can!




– 1片三邊腐竹
– 1條意大利青瓜
– 5條西芹
– 1條紅蘿蔔

1. 將所有素菜切絲 (避免出水先將意大利青瓜去籽,還有將西芹刨好去渣)
2. 將腐竹於凍水浸軟,然後切成大約5寸大小塊 (不一定要完整的方塊)
3. 將材料放在腐竹上向外卷一次,將兩邊向內摺,然後繼續卷到尾
4. 燒紅鑊然後利用1-2湯匙油中火全面煎至金黃色
5. 隨意配搭甜醬油、喼汁或者灑鹽調味

p.s. 就算包得不完美,只需要先煎好春卷摺口就可以將材料封住。除了以上材料之外還可以選用芽菜或者冬菇絲,不過記得以熱鑊中火煎來避免材料出水,一般我比較喜歡爽脆口感所以都會選用紅蘿蔔。這一道菜唯一的難度就是利用薄薄的腐竹皮包裹好材料,皮越薄口感越脆而且煎香後更具透明感,所以盡量避免包太多層啊!

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