Wasabi avocado dip

| Wasabi avocado dip |

Do you ever feel so guilty about scooping the whole chunk of packaged dip bought from the store with your nugget or chip? Making your own is actually a lot easier and healthier than you think!

Avocado makes the best match with chicken and chips, and by far it’s one of the most healthy fat that gives you a rich creamy texture. I always use ripe avocado to replace butter on my bread, and take this dip to use as a sandwich spread too!

You can make this healthy dip/spread in just two steps, and introduce this “grinch dip” at your Christmas party! And here’s another party finger food idea, spread this dip on your petit toast or cracker and lay a piece of smoked salmon on top!

This is another improvisation of chicken nuggets after my creation of the mixed green salad.

what you need: (portion for 1 person)
– Wasabi sauce 3 tsp
– Ripe avocado about 40g
– Maple syrup 1 tsp
– lemon juice 1/2 tsp
– pinch of salt and some ground pepper

what you do:
1. mash the ripe avocado with your spoon or in a food processor
2. add the rest of the ingredients, mix and serve!


外國飲食文化喜歡將零食如tortilla chips或者炸雞塊沾上濃厚的醬,一般超市都有各種不同款式售賣,不過大多都加入了不少添加劑和高卡高鈉成分。如果要自己做其實也只需要2個步驟就可以做得到!

牛油果跟雞肉和任何澱粉類如tortilla chips和麵包都可以說是絕配!我經常都利用熟透的牛油果代替牛油搽面包,牛油果的脂肪比起牛油健康得多而且口感相符,所以大家都可以利用這一個牛油果醬來做三文治醬啊!

還有,另一個煮意就是開聖誕派對的話可以利用這一個醬搽上小吐司上然後放上一片煙三文魚,這樣就做成一件猶如高檔high tea的finger food。


- 日式芥末醬3茶匙
- 熟牛油果大約40g

1. 利用湯匙或者食物處理器將熟牛油果壓成蓉
2. 加入其他調味料,拌好,即成!

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