[making] Where should you buy legitimate purple sweet potato?


In the winter time we often like to make ginger soup to keep us warm, one of the old time favourite – purple yam ginger sweet soup – is a very popular winter Chinese soup. You can make this with other sweet potato as well but I like it better with the purple colour!

These purple sweet potato makes a great natural food colouring in your dishes/dessert, you can bake and mash it to make a purple cream filling for cakes. They can be found in most of the Asian supermarket chain but I would prefer to purchase at any organic store instead.

Purple sweet potato from Asian chains are mostly from mainland China and there was one time that I took that China grown purple sweet potato to make this ginger soup, the purple sweet potato discoloured into white completely as it boils, and soon after that I have never purchased any of the China grown sweet potatoes and any veggies if I can avoid ever again.

This organic sweet potato is grown in the US and can be purchased at Whole Foods, notice the soup did turn purple yet the sweet potato pertains its colour. The ginger that I used was also organic ginger as well.

Organic purple sweet potato is about $2.99 per pound and the one I have purchased was about $2, boiled with about 1L of water and few pieces of ginger and some brown sugar makes a good portion for 4 guests to share.

You can surely make a quick ginger sweet potato dessert with these purpler sweet potato.