[cooking] Stir fried glutinous rice with Chinese sausage, shiitake mushroom and dried scallop

There are two most common ways to make Chinese glutinous rice dish, which is stir fried or steam.

Steam is the easiest way but stir fried offers more fragrance and flavour.

Stir friend would definitely require more preparation time, if you want to cook the glutinous rice from raw. One way to cheat is to steam the glutinous rice first and then pan fry after, but I would not recommend this shortcut because there is definitely a trade off in the flavour.

To make this from scratch and raw, it will approximately require 2 days to make this. First day to soak the glutinous rice overnight until it absorbs enough moisture for the best chewy texture and the second day to actually pan fry it. Without soaking the rice a night beforehand, it will definitely take probably hours to thoroughly stir fry until it’s fully cooked.

What you need:
– 1 rice cup glutinous rice
– 2 Chinese sausages (Laap Cheung)
– 3 Dried mushrooms
– 3 Dried scallops
– 1 can of chicken stock

What you do:
1. Soak the glutinous rice overnight with water fully covering the rice
2. On the second day, soak the dried mushrooms and dried scallops for a few hours until it softens
3. Brunoise Chinese sausages, dried mushrooms, dried scallops
4. Heat the wok in medium heat with some oil, and brown the ingredients from step 3, and add the glutinous rice after
5. Gradually add chicken stock into the wok until the ingredients and rice completely absorbs the moisture and add again until the rice gets sticky.

p.s. When is the glutinous rice cooked? That’s when the rice starts to get soft and sticky! If it looks like wild grain rice then you need a bit more time for sure!

Please feel free to add dark soy sauce for some colouring at the end, but remember to avoid heating up soy suace as it will change it’s flavour! Definitely add any soy sauce at the very end!