[sweets] Quick make Kabocha coconut soup dessert with sago

A quick make Japanese/Chinese/Thai dessert to serve your guest over the holiday.  The golden colour resembles wealth and prosperity, this easy sago dessert won’t even take you more than 30 mins to make it!

Earlier on I had shared a way on how to prepare the Kabocha for less cooking time, but if you spontaneously want to make a Kabocha soup dessert, just change the presentation from a mashed Kabocha soup dessert to a chunky coconut soup dessert! Just remember to chop the Kabocha smaller to shorten cooking time!

What you need: (for about 4 people serving)
– 1/4 Kabocha
– 30g sago
– 1L water
– 50g of rock sugar
– 3 tbsp of coconut milk

What you do:
1. Cut off the Kabocha peel carefully and dice it
2. Add Kabocha to water and bring it to a boil
3. Add sago and rock sugar and cook in low heat with lid on for about 20 mins
4. Turn the heat off and add coconut milk
5. Keep the lid on to let it sit for another 10 mins

p.s. sago will reduce the consistency of the soup dessert, therefore add some water to thin it out when you reheat the next day. As soon as the sago turns completely clear, it’s cooked!