Chilled slow cook duck wings

| Chilled slow cook duck wings |

This is one of the very famous local finger food in Hong Kong, it can be served chilled or hot, depending on your preference. The best part is the soup that slow cooks the duck wings, don’t throw them away! Save the soup to stew abalone, sea cucumbers or other even pork hock.

what you need:
– duck wings about 720g
– oyster sauce 3 tbsp
– dark soy sauce 3 tbsp
– ginger 20g
– rice wine 2 tbsp
– green onions 3 stalks
– no salt added chicken broth 900ml

what you do:
1. blanch the duck wings, cut green onions and slice up ginger
2. heat the pot at medium heat and sizzle the green onions and ginger, add duck wings and rice wine
3. turn the heat down to medium low and add oyster sauce and dark soy sauce, slowly pour in the chicken broth
4. cover with lid and turn down to low heat and slow cook for about 30 mins
5. turn off the heat and let the duck wings sit in the broth for another 45 mins then take it out and chill

p.s. I usually don’t use any oil when I slow cook or braise, it will not burn as long as you sizzle the vegetables at medium heat or below, and most of the meat would release a lot of their animal fat during the process of slow cook, therefore I always try to minimize the use of oil. If you are using original chicken stock with higher sodium, you may reduce oyster sauce for lighter taste or up to your own preference.



-鴨翼大約720 g
-無加鹽雞湯 900ml

1. 先將鴨翼飛水,蔥切段和薑切片待用
2. 中火燒熱鍋然後乾爆薑蔥,加入鴨翼和酒
3. 轉中小火然後加蠔油和老抽,再逐少放入雞湯
4. 蓋上然後轉小火燜大約30分鐘
5. 熄火然後鴨翼浸於湯汁內大約30至45分鐘,然後上碟放涼

p.s. 通常在燜煮過程中爆香蔬菜的步驟我都會避免用油,因為燜煮過後的肉類多數都會出油,只要在爆香的時候盡量用中火或以下就可以避免燒焦。另外如果使用含有普通鹽分的雞湯則可以減少蠔油份量避免味太濃。

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