There are two ways of making macaron – Italian or French method.  The two methods both uses the same ingredients including egg whites, almond meal and confectionery sugar, the only difference is italian’s method would require to make a syrup and the procedure between the two methods also differ.  Some people suggested that italian methods are easier than the french method, but i have always stick to the latter.

Making macaron is never easy to succeed, despite following every single steps, your macaron can still affected by the oven’s temperature, your folding techniques on the macaronage, ingredients’ fineness or whether using the right baking sheet.
You’ll just have to splurge on a piece of silpat if you want to achieve a nice macaron feet.



製作馬卡龍(macaron)有分意式和法式,兩種方法同樣使用蛋白, 杏仁粉與糖粉, 不過程序上有差異。例如意式需要煮糖漿,而且跟杏仁粉攪拌方法跟法式都有別;有人說過意式製法比起法式較容易控制,不過我一直還是忠於法式製法。


要製作馬卡龍美腿(macarons feet),一塊昂貴的Silpat是不能夠缺少的。


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