[making] 5 super foods for Asian taste

Vegetarian diet is not the only option for better health.  Many have chosen stricter diets like Paleo or even Ketogenic diet.  However I find that the easiest way to start is to include as much superfood in your diet as possible.

Paleo and Ketogenic seems to be a tough transition to most of Asians is because a lot of the approved foods don’t seem to fit in Asian taste.  So I found 5 superfood that may be easier to incorporate into daily Asian dish for a healthy delicious transition.

  1. Seaweed is full of iodine, omega 3, iron, calcium etc, and is one of the most popular natural food that Chinese, Korean, Japanese people would use in their traditional cuisine like seaweed soup, salad, snacks and sushi.
  2. Broccoli with high fibre and calcium may seem to be a western type of vegetable to a lot of Asians, however it is used as side dish in Chinese cuisine.  The best thing about Broccoli is you only need 3 minutes to cook.
  3. Banana has a great source of fibre and helps to prevent constipation and improves digestive health.  It also helps getting rid of bloating and it’s also one of the most convenient fruit that doesn’t require a knife to peel!
  4. Tomato is one of the widely used vegetable in both Eastern and Western cuisines.  You can either eat it raw as an appetizer or salad or stew beef ribs or make scramble eggs with fresh tomatoes sauce.  Vitamin C in tomatoes helps improve your immune system and skin brightening effect.
  5. Nuts and dried fruits are more concentrated than fresh fruits in terms of nutrients, thus consuming the same weight of nuts and dried fruits may offer more minerals like iron.  Many Asian vegetarians would use nuts like cashews and peanuts to replace meat when they make soup, also taking cashews to make dessert soup as well.  Other dried fruits like dried apricots, dried figs and cranberries and raisins are popular healthy snacks among many Asians as well.

I often use the organic dried figs for soups!

p.s.  check out how to make this superfood salad from the pic!