Nin go (steamed chinese new year cake with coconut cream and maple syrup)

| nin go (steamed chinese new year cake with coconut cream and maple syrup) |

Chinese New Year is just around the corner this weekend, nin go is one of the must have Chinese sweets that has a homonym for “grow every year”. Nin go are sold in many Chinese restaurants or supermarkets during CNY period, they come in brown or white depending if they have used brown or cane sugar or just what sugar to make them. Major ingredients include coconut cream/milk, sugar and glutinous rice flour.

To intensify the coconut fragrance, I tried using just coconut cream in this recipe without adding any water, and using maple syrup as a natural sugar substitute. I came up with this simplified method with only 3 steps. Cut and pan fry to serve for a unique taste of chewy in the inside, crispy on the outside!

what you need: (makes 3 mini portions of 5 inch or a 9 inch)
– 140g glutinous rice flour
– 50g wheat starch
– 350ml coconut cream
– 20ml vegetable oil
– 100ml maple syrup

what you do:
1. Mix glutinous rice flour with wheat starch and sift; on the other hand mix coconut cream and maple syrup
2. Slowly add wet content into dry content and mix at the same time, and add vegetable oil and make sure everything is well mixed
3. Pour mixture into pie dishes and steam for 60-75 minutes, depending how thick it is (if you use a 9 inch may take a longer time to steam)
4. Cool and store in fridge for at least a few hours to harden or even overnight, remove from pie dish, turn upside down and wrap with clear food wrap.

p.s. add red dates to steam for a traditional taste! There are enough oil in the nin go, thus you don’t have to add oil to pan fry as long as it’s under medium heat, however some people like to dip in scramble egg to fry for a different taste, then some oil may be needed to avoid sticking.



-140g 糯米粉
-50g 澄麵
-350ml 椰汁/椰漿/椰奶
-20ml 菜油
-100ml 楓樹糖漿


p.s. 可以隨意加入紅棗!因為年糕本身已經有油的成分,切件煎的時候只需要利用慢火煎就可以避免用任何油,不過如果喜歡沾蛋煎的話就需要用些少油避免黏鍋。

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