15 minute chewy and chrunchy riceballs in ginger soup

| 15 minute chewy and chrunchy riceballs in ginger soup |

Riceballs are one of the traditional desserts to serve during Chinese New Year, they are made with glutinous rice flour and water, and often it comes with a varieties of fillings like sesame, peanuts, custard or red bean, but these fillings would require a much longer to prepare. That’s why most people would often purchase frozen ones at the Asian supermarket instead.

This recipe was first introduced by my grandma, and it’s the easiest tastiest way to make it in just 15 minutes. Note that freshly made riceballs are much chewier than the frozen ones!

What you need: (makes about 12)
– 50ml hot water
-100g glutinous rice flour
– 60ml cold water
– just a bit of oil
– 25g cane sugar stick (pin tong)
– small pieces of ginger slice

What you do:
1. Mix glutinous rice flour with hot water, then add cold water to mix well
2. Cut cane sugar stick into small cubes (make sure to keep the sugar in a cube shape for easy wrapping)
3. Take a small piece of flour and roll out to wrap the small piece of sugar
4. Cook in boiling water for about 5 minutes or until it floats
5. Prepare another pot of boiling water with ginger to serve together with the riceball

p.s. Boiling water that cooks raw riceball often will turn floury in the end, therefore it’s better to serve the ginger soup from a separate pot of water. If the glutinous rice flour seems too sticky that means you need to add more rice flour, so bear in mind to to make a nice soft dough texture that allows you to roll. Make sure to finish them all while it’s fresh for the best chewy texture, avoid keeping overnight!




-50ml 熱水
-100g 糯米粉
-60ml 凍水
-25g 片糖

1. 將糯米粉和熱水混和,然後加入凍水攪拌
2. 將片糖切成小粒,並盡量保持粒狀以便包裹
3. 用手搓糯米糰至幼滑,再搓成小球,放一粒片糖粒包好
4. 於滾水內煮大約5分鐘或者至浮起
5. 準備另外一鍋滾水煮薑湯

p.s. 如果喜歡較清的薑湯就最好準備額外一鍋滾水煮,避免使用煮湯圓的滾水。如果攪拌糯米粉時太黏就代表需要加入更多糯米粉,最理想的質感就是幼滑軟而不黏。因為新鮮製成,最好即製即品嚐,這樣才可以確保糯米糰夠煙韌。

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