Hash brown

Where can you find breakfast that taste and actually feel real at a fast food chain?

I mean the only reason why I still go for fast food brekkie is really, for that hash brown and for the real dine-in experience you get.

Reason why I chose A&W over McD and Timmy’s:

– thicker hash brown served in a mini tray to avoid getting soggy
– coffee served in ceramic mug
– actually saw them cracking real eggs in the kitchen
– you can choose your real eggs in any style
– breakfast served on ceramic plates
– allow you to choose from a wide selection of jams and honey, also peanut butter

Oh yea, and they serve juice in chilled beer mugs!

早上特意去連鎖快餐如麥當勞、Tim Hortons或者A&W堂食一個早餐完全是為了那一個新鮮鬆脆薯餅,不過以上3間的話我會推薦A&W,因為是最能夠讓你有堂食feel的一間連鎖快餐。
-熱咖啡用搪瓷杯上 (說實在,我是非常討厭用紙杯上咖啡的!)

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