[making] Simple Chinese preserved veggie (suit choy)

Preserved veggies come in many different ways in Chinese cooking, this is one of the easiest that anyone can try at home! “Suit Choy”, or preserved mustard green is a very popular pickled veggies used in Hong Kong’s Cha Chan Tang, it’s paired with vermicelli soup, fried vermicelli or rice cake.

You can also purchase “suit choy” at any Chinese supermarket, but be aware that 99% of these packaged pickles are made and imported from mainland China.

And making your own could be easier than driving out to the grocery store!

what you need:
– about 250g mustard green (gaai choy)
– 1 tbsp of coarse sea salt

what you do:
1. wash and dry the mustard green
2. place mustard green in a aluminum rectangular pan or any pan, rub it inside out with coarse sea salt and let it set for about 30 mins
3. moisture will release and mustard green will be soften, pour out excess moisture and place mustard green in a ziplock bag and store in the fridge
4. freshly preserved veggie can be kept for a few days, you can rinse it a bit before serve and cut into pieces for stir fry or noodle soup

p.s. as the preserve veggie stores in the fridge, it will keep releasing moisture, and rinse before cook if you prefer a lighter taste.