[making] Secrets to make the silky HK style milk tea


Unlike coffee, different regions and countries in the world have their own unique way to make tea.  HK style milk tea is the directly translated English name from Chinese “Kong sik naai cha”, it’s a lot darker than usual black tea and much richer than any other tea with milk.

What’s the secret to make your HK style milk tea smooth as silk?

Hong Kong style milk tea is definitely one of the most important cultural heritage of Hong Kong, each cha chan teng has their own very special blend of tea leaves to make. Therefore there isn’t one specific or authentic recipe to make the HK style milk tea, because each cha chan teng preserves their own very special taste and fragrance to this tea, just like different coffee houses have their own secret blend.

Check out my video below on tips about how to make your own silky smooth HK style milk tea using moka pot.

Use moka pot can ensure water temperature is hot enough, and be sure to also use the special loose tea leaves or the Lipton loose tea leaves to achieve the strong taste of the tea.

Judging a good cup of HK style milk tea base on two criteria: fragrance and silkiness. Fragrance can be achieved by having the right water temperature and using the right tea leaves, but to achieve the silkiness of it, make sure to first pour the evaporated milk and sugar into the cup, about 1/4 to 1/3 full, before you pour the tea in.

Creamer or homo milk wouldn’t do the trick, so if you want the real silkiness of the HK milk tea, don’t try to skip the fat!

A 3 cup espresso moka pot can make you a cup of HK style milk tea.

Check out the short video to demonstrate how this can be made:

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