A clean way to marinate meats

|ziplog bags|

the benefits of using ziplog bags to marinate your meat:

– the best way to marinate the meat in and out thoroughly without having to physically touch it with your hands (this is particularly important to those who are bothered by housewife hands)
– makes easier storage in the fridge and freezer
– ziplog keeps the food airtight and fresh than food wrapping your marinated meat with a bowl
– easier to transport to a BBQ at the park
– to coat the meat evenly with marinade, lay the ziplog bag horizontally when storing in the fridge




– 可以避免用手觸摸肉類都能夠切底均勻地醃製肉類 (這個方法對於被主婦手困擾而希望減低手部接觸醃料的人非常有用!)
– 容易收納於冰箱或者冷藏庫內
– 保鮮袋的密實拉鏈比起利用碗和保鮮紙儲存更有效保持食物新鮮
– 到戶外郊外公園燒烤較容易攜帶
– 將保鮮袋平放於冰箱內可以讓醃料更均勻

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