[cooking] Tsukiji tamagoyaki ‘brick’ egg sandwich (Daan G)

‘Daan G’ or egg sandwich in Cantonese is an iconic Hong Kong style Chachanteng food apart from Hong Kong style milktea that you must try when you visit the city.  To judge a good piece of ‘Daan G’ base on the thickness of the scrambled egg as well as the fullness of the bite.

And if you have visited Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, you may have heard of Shouro the famous tamagoyaki shop.  The shop specialized in dashiyaki tamago or tamagoyaki for over half a century and offers various types of tamagoyaki in their menu, including one of the signature item – Shouro Sando (松露サンド).

With the inspiration of the two, so here I’m trying to make my own Tamagoyaki Sando or ‘Egg Brick Daan G’ with the a bit of modification to the recipe I have shared on how to make Japanese style rolled omelette (dashiyaki tamago).  Try and let me know how you like it!

What do you need:
– 4 eggs
– 1 tbsp dashi (I used a 1:3 ratio dashi, so adjust the portion if you’re using 1:8 or a different ratio dashi for your best suited taste)
– 1/2 tsp sugar
– 2 tsp oil
– 1 slice of bread (whole wheat or white, up to personal choice)

What you do:
1. Bring dashi and sugar to a slight boil, whisk the egg and add the heated tsuyu mixture into it.
2. Slightly heat the special tamagoyaki pan with medium heat, oil the pan and soak excess oil with a piece of paper towel.  Then first slowly pour a thin layer of egg mixture to cover the pan.
3. Once the layer turns solid, roll it towards yourself once to make a wide fold, then slide it to the far end of the pan and oil the pan again if needed with the paper towel previously soaked with oil.
4. Repeat the above step just like how you make the Japanese omelette until the end, place it aside and cool it.
5. Trim bread slice and place the tamagoyaki on, cut and serve.

p.s. The portion can make about a tamagoyaki sando with one piece of bread shown in the feature picture with am excess of small piece of egg.

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