From what I know, Korean beef do not export out of the country so the only way to try Korean beef is to visit Korea in person. There are various ways to eat Korean beef, that includes BBQ, stir fry and they even serve it raw.

This 55cm long Korean beef sushi is definitely a must try! I came across this restaurant from another site and found that they have many locations in the country, and perhaps the most convenient would be in Hongdae area when you visit Seoul.

The restaurant opens from 11am to 5am, and they’ve also got delicious Korean beef stew as well!

If you plan to visit Seoul between March and November, save a weekend to visit the Hongdae Free Market that is just right across Honggik University, and on your way grab a drink from the chic Coffee Smith before you head to the 55cm Korean beef sushi!

For English map, check out:

– take no.2 subway line and get off at Honggik University station, exit 9 and walks towards Honggik University campus direction.
서울특별시 마포구 서교동 363-22




據說,韓牛產量低所以一般都不會出口,所以要吃得到真正韓牛就一定要到韓國。這一間Goyonam 고요남在韓國有多間分店,而最方便的就應該是位於首爾弘大的位置,只需要乘坐地鐵2號線並於弘大入口站出9號出口,一直往弘益大學方向走,位置就於Coffee Smith附近。



如果3月-11月期間週末去弘大還可以順路去弘大週末自由市場逛逛,選購首爾本地手作藝術,然後到Loft設計的Coffee Smith嘆咖啡。(這一點倒是我的真遊記啊!所以每逢去首爾都一定要預留個星期六去弘大!)

Goyonam (고요남):
서울특별시 마포구 서교동 363-22