Are you ready to take a bite of the Lego brick in Japan’s Legoland?

Are you ready for some Lego brick shaped chocolate and fries in Japan?

The newest Legoland amusement park will be opened in Nagoya, Japan in April this year. Apart from various kinds of Lego attractions and shows, I’m actually more interested to try the brick shaped Lego food, that includes Lego fries and chocolate, as well as Lego men dessert!

Watch more about this new Legoland from a Japanese TV show:

The amusement park will open on April 1, and this is not a prank! Check out their official website:



將於今年4月開幕的名古屋 Legoland Japan是全球第 7 個國家開設的第 8 個 Legoland,主題樂園分 7 大區包括Bricktopia、Adventure、Knight’s Kingdom、LEGO City、Pirate Shore、Factory及用上1,700萬粒Lego砌出東京、大阪、京都、名古屋等 10 個特色建築的miniland,還有差不多40 幾多機動遊戲和表演,比起多倫多的 Lego Discovery Centre更大更有趣。

一向日本的迪士尼、環球影城等主題公園都有設計和製作精美的紀念品和食物,據了解名古屋Legoland 就有各式各樣 Lego造型的食物,包括薯條、朱古力和蛋糕。

Legoland Japan將於4月1日開幕,這個絕對不是愚人節玩笑,詳情請查看官網

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