Taiwanese deep fried pork chop that takes you right back to the night market in Taipei

Whether you are a fan of Korean fried chicken or the actual KFC, there’s no way that you can miss the Taiwanese deep fried pork chop.

Bubble tea shops are still a growing business in Toronto with more mega chains from Taiwan settling in the city, but try to hunt for the small local shops if you wish to experience authentic Taiwanese street food.

Bubble Republic started out in Mississauga as a local small bubble tea shop that offers not only their own signature drinks like Magik milktea(black milk tea with coffee jelly) but also Taiwanese street food like the huge piece of deep fried pork chop and pop corn chicken.

The brand has recently expanded to downtown Toronto and California, and two locations in Mississauga.  And I would have to say their Taiwanese pork chop by far the most authentic in the city that taste just like what I had at the night markets in Taiwan.

The pork chop lunch serves with three side dishes and rice with an egg and it’s only $6.99 on weekdays at the Mississauga location.


For location and more info check out their facebook.









當中就有從Mississauga開設本店的Buble Republic,店內除了有品牌主打飲品例如加入咖啡蒟蒻的台式手搖奶茶Magik Milktea,還有多款試過多倫多城中最相似台式夜市吃得到的炸排骨和鹽酥雞。









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