Easy pan fried crispy lotus root chips 

Recently I’ve been trying to explore many possible ways to make Asian Keto or Paleo dishes, and I came to a conclusion that most crispy textured food do not qualified to be Keto or Paleo in most cases, because either it has been processed or a starchy vegetable.


When you make a salad or a wrap, it would be nice to have something crispy like breadcrumbs to enhance the taste and the overall bite of the dish.  So I figured apart from bacon bits, you can make lotus root chips.  At least it qualifies to be a Paleo and vegetarian ingredient.


Lotus root chips also known as Renkon chips are very popular appetizer dish in Asian cuisine, and it also works very well in any Western dishes like salads and wraps, or even just a healthy snack at a party, surely it should be healthier than croutons.  A lot of other recipes require deep frying but I’m trying to take the healthy side and use as little oil as possible.


What you need:
– Lotus Root
– Oil


What you do:
1. Wash and peel lotus root, slice thinly (the thinner you slice, the crispier it gets) and pat dry
2. Heat the pan at medium heat with about 1/2 tbsp oil and pan fry.  Avoid stir frying or stacking the lotus root slices, separate each slice to pan fry for crispier result
3. Rest and cool the lotus root chips on a baking tray









1. 將蓮藕洗淨刨皮然後切薄片(越薄越脆!),抹乾
2. 將鑊於中火燒熱,加入半湯匙油然後煎脆蓮藕片。記得將蓮藕片逐片攤開放,避免搭上面,這樣會煎得更快更脆
3. 將煎成金黃色的蓮藕片放在烤盤上放涼



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