[cooking] Rainbow warm salad with ramen egg

It’s always been difficult to make a delicious and healthy brunch/lunch vegetarian dish, especially when you try to follow the traditional Chinese healthy winter diet – to avoid cold chilly food.

So here I took very basic frequently chosen Asian ingredients to make an easy healthy warm salad, including steamed Kabocha squash(this is definitely my winter comfort food!), dried cranberries, pan fried lotus chips and delicious ramen egg or soft boiled egg, along with some stir fried shredded flat cabbage and sliced avocado and pears.

Check out the highlighted link to see how you can prepare your ingredients, these ingredients can be made in a bigger batch and store for a few days.



西式健康飲食當中就有warm salad可以參考一下,可選用材料方面其實多不勝數,我就隨便利用早期跟大家分享過的簡單美味常備菜,例如蒸南瓜、蔓越莓乾、蓮藕脆片日式醬油半熟蛋 (味付け玉子) 以及簡單的清炒高麗菜絲和牛油果片還有啤梨片混在一起做了一個簡單的東方口味warm salad。



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