Is Korean supermarket is the only place to shop for Galbijjim (갈비찜) meat?

No doubt many certain cuts and parts of the meat are only available at Asian or Korean supermarket, but if there isn’t really a nearby Asian mart around you, there’s always something you can work it out.


For instance, Korean beef ribs stew Galbijjim uses just beef ribs but in a chunky cut.  Many local supermarkets sell beef ribs in strips of chunky cut like how it is in my picture.  Most westerners would shop for beef ribs to roast or barbecue and this is their usual way of cutting it.  You can definitely stew in this way and just cut before serve, in fact many Korean restaurants serve their Galbijjim this way.


And if your local supermarket sells beef ribs in a big piece at the meat counter, you can certainly ask the butcher to slice about 2-2.5inch thick for you instead of thing slice it, just like how it’s shown on the picture.


I would agree that most Korean supermarket sells higher quality beef but work around with what’s best for you and enjoy this delicious dish!  If you’re interested in meat and ingredients in Asian dishes, check out this complete guide that lists everything in English!









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