Dim sum pan fried stuffed hot yellow pepper with fish paste

There are over hundreds types of Dim sum in the Chinese cuisine, and they all come in different ways of cooking.  Apart from steaming buns, deep fried dumplings, there are also pan fried items like stuffed hot yellow pepper.


The stuffed hot chili pepper with fish paste often is quite an pricey Dim sum dish at the Chinese restaurant, because it takes much more manpower and time to make.  Instead of steaming or deep frying dozens of it, chef needs to pan fried them one by one at medium heat to avoid burning.


Usually these yellow peppers cost around $1.99/lb at the Asian supermarket and the fish paste is about $3-4 for a small box, so making your own can be easy and way cheaper than ordering at the restaurant!  These stuffed pepper are also famous street food in Hong Kong too!


What you need:
– hot yellow/banana pepper
– fish paste (sold in boxes at the Chinese supermarket near the tofu section)

What you do:
1. Clean the pepper and slice in halves vertically, scrap all the seeds with a spoon (do not use your fingers or hands to avoid tingle sensation)
2. Stuff fish paste into the pepper
3. Heat the pan with about 1/2 tbsp of oil and pan fry at medium heat until golden.  Serve with thick sweet soy sauce for the street food taste!


p.s.  It is hard to say how many children or fish paste you need, because it really depends on the size of the pepper.  It may be good to keep in mind that a small box of fish paste can make about 6-8 (around 12 halves) peppers.













1. 先將辣椒洗淨開邊,然後利用匙羹去籽(小心避免用手觸碰!)
2. 將魚滑釀入
3. 用差不多半湯匙油於中猛火起鑊煎至辣椒變金黃色,然後淋上甜醬油更添風味!


p.s. 製作份量視乎辣椒大小,一般一盒細魚滑可以釀大約6-8隻(即約12條)辣椒。




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