[cooking] Korean fresh strawberry milk 생딸기우유 

Recently there is a spring beverage trend happening in Korea, many cafes and bistros are making their own fresh fruit milk in bottles!

These fresh fruit milk are made with 100% real ingredients and therefore the cost are quite high, so I tried making my own and it actually turn out irresitably well!

The essence of the fresh fruit milk is to keep everything as original and as authentic as you can without adding any unnecessary ingredients, and there are a few things to keep in mind. To keep the freshness bottle the drink in glass containers, avoid adding ice to thin out the authentic taste and use homo whole milk!


You can basically make fresh fruit milk with any fruits but of course, it’s not like kindergarten cooking class just mixing fruit and milk together. To make this tasty there is a little trick, I took about 5 tbsp of the cooled down fresh homemade strawberry jelly into a mason jar, and add about 5 chopped up fresh strawberries (chop as small as you can so it can go through the straw as you drink), then pour whole milk in (just make sure milk is nice and cold)! Ta da! have a weekend taste of Hongdae!

Apart from serving in mason jars, bottle it with a reused Snapple and store in the fridge for tomorrow.