Make your own low sugar fresh strawberries jelly

I have always been skeptical about store bought jams and syrup, you honestly never know what has been put in it and how much sugar it contains.  So instead I tried making my own and to keep it as fresh as possible, I usually just make a small portion for the rough amount I need for the day.

You can seriously just make this in less than 15 minutes and use it as a jam/syrup (depending on you needs to adjust the cooking time), so I would call this a fruit jelly!

What you need: (to make about a portion for a high tea set with two scones)

– 80g strawberries
– 10g sugar

What you do:
1. wash all the strawberries and chop ip into small pieces and pour into a pot
2. add sugar and bring it to a boil at medium heat
3. turn off the heat as soon as it boils for a syrup or keep the heat until it begins to boil down to thicker texture for jam.

p.s. you can basically make with manynkinds of fruit, the smaller pieces you chop the quicker it boils.


— 80g 草莓
— 10g 糖

1. 將草莓洗淨然後切切小粒,放入鍋中
2. 加入讓然後中火慢煮,如果想要syrup的可以滾起即熄火,如果想製作jam的話就再煮至收汁。

p.s. 其實很多其他生果都可以做得到,同時將果粒的越小烹調時間越短啊!


  1. […] The advantage of making your own fruit milk allows you to take full control of the ingredients and amount of sugar used, and also you can enjoy it anytime you like!  So this time I’ve used the same method to make fresh mango milk, since mango can be more acidic than strawberries, I’ve added a bit more sugar when I make the fruit jelly. […]

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