The heavenly natural low sugar unicorn 

This week’s instagram has been flooded with hashtags and posts about the very limited special unicorn drink from Starbucks.  The pinkish purple with swirls of blue was too dreamy to be drinkable, and I wasn’t really dare to try.  And I got curious and read reviews about this unicorn, various people have concluded this mythical unicorn with a taste of yogurty mango and a cough syrup aftertaste; so I’ve decided to try and make my own low sugar healthy version with absolutely no artificial food colour, flavour instead.


what you need:
– 100g frozen strawberries and raspberries
– 200ml whole milk
– 5g blueberries
– 20 white chocolate Hershey chipits
– 50ml 35% cream
– 5g sugar
– pink, purple, blue sprinkles

what you do:
1. Mash and cook the blueberries to make a natural syrup, turn off the heat and mix in the white chocolate chipits
2. Put the frozen strawberries and raspberries and milk into a blender or a magic bullet to make a smoothie
3. Meanwhile whip the 35% cream with sugar until stiff peak and place in a piping bag with a Wilton’s 2D tip
4. Brush the blueberry syrup on the glass and pour in the smoothie
5. Pipe whipped cream on top and drizzle with the magical sprinkles


p.s.  I was trying to make a “blue” effect with natural fruits, however it seems that natural ingredients don’t come in blues!  If anyone know of any natural blue ingredients let me know!  You can also use fresh berries and just add ice when you blend, using frozen berries are more economical and is available all around the year!


最近Starbucks於北美地區推出人氣限定色彩夢幻的獨角獸星冰樂 (Unicorn Frappuccino)。本來我都有興趣一試,不過看過來自各方的評價和喝後感之後對這一杯期間限好像只有糖和色素的飲品就有所卻步。最後我好奇,其實利用天然成分有可否製作一杯零人造色素和低糖的健康獨角獸飲品呢?


-100g 急凍草莓、覆盆子
-200g 全脂牛奶
-5g 藍莓
-20 粒白朱古力 (Hershey White Chocolate Chipits)
-50ml 35% 鮮奶油
-5g 糖
-粉紅、粉紫、藍色糖碎 (sprinkles)


1. 將藍莓搗碎放入鍋中煮滾製成天然糖漿,熄火然後加入白朱古力粒攪勻直至溶掉
2. 將急凍草莓和覆盆子和牛奶加入攪拌器或者Magic Bullet中攪勻製成smoothie
3. 利用hand mixer將鮮奶油打成忌廉,然後放入唧袋套上Wilton’s 2D的唧花頭
4. 然後將藍莓糖漿掃上玻璃杯內再倒入smoothie
5. 最後唧上忌廉花,灑上糖碎


p.s. 利用藍莓所製成的糖漿最後只能夠做成紫色,最後我都未能夠找得到任何天然藍色的食材可以用得上,大家有什麼建議嗎?除了急凍草莓等大家當然可以利用新鮮的草莓和冰塊代替,只不過利用急凍草莓等價錢更划算而且亦不會受季節所限制供應啊!



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