[travelling] Try the limited Bento from anywhere in Japan at JR Tokyo Station

I have been to Tokyo for almost ten times but I never actually have been to the JR Tokyo station.

It happens we were transiting to another line to visit Tokyo Disneyland this time and passed by the Ekiben-ya Matsuri by luck.  This ekiben (lunch boxes for the stations) shop operates as early as 5am until 11pm, you can find over a hundred of limited, special, ekiben from all over Japan, even the ones that you can hardly get!

Ekiben-ya Matsuri is located near the Marunouchi exit on the 1/F of JR Tokyo Station, I couldn’t really decide what to get at first, and until I saw this octopus bento in an urn!  This is a special bento from Kobe area station, and most of the time you will need to reserve 3 days in advance online to be able to purchase.

I didn’t expect the octopus would actually taste good because you know, most of the octopus sushi are a bit too chewy but this one is tender and juicy!  The rice was also marinated and it was absolutely delicious!

All of the bento are made fresh daily with indication of best before time of that day, and if you want to get your desired bento or choose from a huge variety, get to the Ekiben-yan Matsuri early before everything is gone!

If you are planning to visit Kobe area and would like to try this octopus ekiben, you can order and reserve here and pick up at various JR stations like Kobe, Rokkōmichi Station,Nishi-Akashi Station.

Or simply just visit JR Tokyo Station to grab one!  Check out more info about Ekiben-ya Matsuri here.

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