Try the limited Bento from anywhere in Japan at JR Tokyo Station

I have been to Tokyo for almost ten times but I never actually have been to the JR Tokyo station.

It happens we were transiting to another line to visit Tokyo Disneyland this time and passed by the Ekiben-ya Matsuri by luck.  This ekiben (lunch boxes for the stations) shop operates as early as 5am until 11pm, you can find over a hundred of limited, special, ekiben from all over Japan, even the ones that you can hardly get!

Ekiben-ya Matsuri is located near the Marunouchi exit on the 1/F of JR Tokyo Station, I couldn’t really decide what to get at first, and until I saw this octopus bento in an urn!  This is a special bento from Kobe area station, and most of the time you will need to reserve 3 days in advance online to be able to purchase.

I didn’t expect the octopus would actually taste good because you know, most of the octopus sushi are a bit too chewy but this one is tender and juicy!  The rice was also marinated and it was absolutely delicious!

All of the bento are made fresh daily with indication of best before time of that day, and if you want to get your desired bento or choose from a huge variety, get to the Ekiben-yan Matsuri early before everything is gone!

If you are planning to visit Kobe area and would like to try this octopus ekiben, you can order and reserve here and pick up at various JR stations like Kobe, Rokkōmichi Station,Nishi-Akashi Station.

Or simply just visit JR Tokyo Station to grab one!  Check out more info about Ekiben-ya Matsuri here.

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即使去過東京差不多十次,但是從來都沒有停過東京車站,就算上次要轉乘新幹線也是衝衝忙忙的從一個月台跑到另外一個。今次因為要轉乘JR京葉線去東京迪士尼就於東京車站轉車,沒料到要走過好幾哩路才到京葉線月台,不過途中就經過了傳說中的有超過百多款專營日本多個著名車站便當的駅弁屋 祭。

早上的駅弁屋 祭人來人往,因為鄰近新幹線月台還是有不少遊客入去買便當,只不過一進去就花多眼亂,每一個便當都非常吸引。有海鮮刺身、柿葉壽司、和牛還有某些車站極具特色的便當。其中一個就是來自神戶明石一帶車站所限定售賣的章魚便當ひっぱりだこ飯。據說這個在淡路車站的限定便當可預約但不可求,如果沒預約的話,就只能夠憑運氣才能夠買得到。

最先吸引我注意的就是那一個瓦鍋,有別於一般用盒包裝的便當,這個吃完之後還可以當紀念品收藏啊!最先還本著可能內裏的還是好看不好吃,始終章魚還可能會很硬呢….. 記得章魚壽司就是那一種口感啊,不過一打開嘗試的時候竟然非常新鮮嫩口,而且飯還是有醃製的!


如果會到東京一遊,不妨到東京車站的駅弁屋 祭逛逛買個限定便當試試。每一個便當都是當日新鮮製作並附有最佳使用時間啊!

東京駅 駅弁屋 祭
地址:東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1 (東京車站1樓丸の内中央口附近,還是在閘口內啊!)

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