[sweets] Fresh mango milk 생망고우유

Have you tried making your own fresh strawberry milk with the recipe I shared last time?  Fresh fruit milk in Korea is currently a big hit in Korea now, and by using real ingredients these fresh fruit milk is actually quite costly in the city; on average each bottle is around 7000 won and up!


The advantage of making your own fruit milk allows you to take full control of the ingredients and amount of sugar used, and also you can enjoy it anytime you like!  So this time I’ve used the same method to make fresh mango milk, since mango can be more acidic than strawberries, I’ve added a bit more sugar when I make the fruit jelly.


I used 3 small mangoes with 1.5 teaspoon sugar, and that’s all the sugar I’ve added!  Check out how to make your own low sugar fruit jelly here.


But make sure to dice the mango as small as possible so it can go through the straw, and check this mess-free easy method on how to cut and dice mango.