Alternatives to hotdogs and burgers at Tokyo Disneyland

It’s always nice if you could experience different things at different Disneylands, if we really could.


I’ve visited all of the Disneylands, except the Shanghai one.  Honestly I’m quite bored and disappointed with the food choices and rides we can choose from at all of the Disneylands.  Disney has to maintain the image of the brand by standardizing numbers of things, including the dressed up characters’ size and makeups, rides at all the parks.


At least later I found that food at the Tokyo Disneyland offers you a bit of unique Washoku experience.  Restaurant Hokusai is located in the World Bazaar very close to the entrance, so drop by there to make a reservation, either for lunch or dinner, once you enter the park before you start any rides!


Their menu has very limited choices but at least it’s not hotdogs or burgers.  We tried almost everything except the Tonkatsu set.  I would say everything is average, and of course you could find better ones in Tokyo for sure, but at least you get to choose something local!


I believe their menu changes every now and then, prices range from 1,210 to 2,500 yen.  Kids meal was 1,210 yen and the tempura set was 1,830, sashimi on rice was 1,980.  I think price was fair inside the park and when you order a set you only have to add a little bit more (sorry I honestly forgot >.<) for a dessert.  We all chose the クリームあんみつ Anmitsu and that was actually the best out of everything we ordered!


Restaurant Hokusai
Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.35.47 pm


Check here for menu in Japanese.







東京迪士尼樂園日本料理北齋位於大門口附近的World Bazaar內,如果想避免最終要到快餐亭買漢堡吃,一到園內最好先去訂座(無奈網上訂座需要日本地址而且只供日文)因為午餐/晚飯時間非常繁忙。


餐廳提供的食物選擇不多,不過質素還是可以(因為以相同價錢一定可以在東京市內吃得到更好的),價格大約1,210yen至2,500yen包括魚生蓋飯、天婦羅等。雖然選擇不多不過餐廳應該還是定期會更新餐牌;重點是可以讓你訂座以及坐得舒舒服服!每點一份餐可以多付幾百(忘記了!)追加甜品。我們一致點了クリームあんみつ Anmitsu,而且認為比起主餐更是必點之選!


Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.35.47 pm



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