Most Chinese soup takes up a long time to make, most of the soups are to be cooked for hours but if you have never tried any kinds of Chinese soup, try to make this super easy winter melon soup that will only take you about 30 minutes!

The method of making was actually inspired by a friend’s mother, her mom taught her a few easy recipes so that she would survive in her 5 years of study in Toronto living in a dorm on her own!

what you need:
– 2 cans of chicken stock
– 3 pieces of imitation crab stick
– 8 shrimps
– 3 shiitake mushroom
– 2 dried scallops (soak to soften)
– 2 tbsp green peas
– 2 tbsp rice wine
– 1.2 kg winter melon

what to do:
1. Grate wintermelon into thin shreds, dice up shiitake mushroon, shred imitation crab stick, and slice shrimps sideways into halves
2. Heat up the pot in medium heat, add some oil and stir fry the mushroom a bit, add wine and slowly pour in the chicken stock
3. As soon as the chicken stock begins to boil, add shrimps, peas, soften dried scallops and grated winter melon. When it brings to a boil, cover the lid and rest for about 15 minutes.

p.s. shrimps and green peas can be easily overcooked, while grated winter melon can be easily melted into the boiling soup, so therefore all of these ingredients are recommended to add towards the end.




-1.2kg 冬瓜

1. 先將冬瓜刨成絲,蟹柳切絲,蝦開邊將一變成二,花菇切粒備用
2. 將鍋於中火稍微燒熱,放入少許油下花菇再加入米酒,然後慢慢倒入雞湯
3. 待雞湯開始滾的時候,放入蝦、瑤柱、青豆和冬瓜茸,然後再滾之後立刻熄火蓋上焗15分鐘即成。

p.s. 太早下冬瓜茸會讓冬瓜完全溶掉於雞湯內,而蝦因為已經片薄容易熟和青豆滾太長時間會變黃,所以以上材料應該待最後才放入。