If you’re into the nostalgic Hong Kong style Chinese food, make sure to visit the nearby Cha Chan Teng instead of any dimsum restaurants where you can get your BBQ pork.

But even so, not all Cha Chan Teng serves every single types of HK style food, for instance the legendary HK style curry fishballs in a stick.

The making of this low cost local snack in Hong Kong is actually far more complicated and expensive than you can ever imagine.  It’s definitely not boiling fishballs in a pot of curry powdered water, it actually takes at least a few hours, various herbs and sauces to make.

what you need:
– one pack of fried fishballs
– 3 tbsp of Bull Head curry paste
– 1 tsp of LKK lemongrass sauce
– 2 tbsp of coconut crea
– 1-2 stalks of lemongrass
– 5 bay leaves
– 100ml water
– 5 pieces of ginger
– 3-5 cloves of garlic

what to do:
1. peel all garlic and ginger, and heat up in a pot, add curry paste and lemongrass sauce
2. add water, bay leaves, lemongrass and bring it to a boil and turn down to medium heat
3. add fishballs and bring it to a boil, turn down to low heat and cover the lid
4. let it boil for about 10-15 minutes and turn off the heat but keeping the lid on to sit for at least 2-3 hours
5. serve with a skewer

p.s. I skipped the oil when I heat up the ginger and garlic, because the curry paste and lemongrass sauce can get quite oily as it boils.





1. 薑跟蒜頭去皮,稍微爆香,加入咖喱醬和香茅醬
2. 加入水、月桂葉、椰奶和香茅然後煲滾,轉中火
3. 加入魚蛋,煲滾後轉小火蓋上
4. 蓋上煮大約10-15分鐘然後熄火焗大約2-3小時
5. 最後利用竹籤串上

p.s. 因為兩種醬料均有很多油分,所以爆香薑片和蒜頭並不需要在添加油分啊!